Housing Hope offers nonprofits revenue tips

Lean economic times and the corresponding reduction in state and federal funding are forcing nonprofit organizations to look at new ways to generate revenue, and to do it on a sustainable basis.

One approach, called “social enterprise,” is to develop revenue-generating business that can earn unrestricted income and increase visibility. HopeWorks Social Enterprises, established in 2010 by Housing Hope, is hosting a series of workshops to assist nonprofits in understanding the opportunities and challenges associated with successful social enterprise.

The workshops will be conducted at the Housing Hope Village, 5908 Evergreen Way, Everett, offering dynamic, interactive sessions featuring technical training, featured speakers and updates from local social enterprise initiatives. They will include case studies and best practices from the field, technical training, input from fellow participants and guest speakers.

· David Simienski, Founding and Managing Director of Credit Advantage is the featured speaker – May 2, 2012

David shares experiences of creating social enterprise for banking solutions for low-income and “unbanked” customers.

· Writing a Business Plan – June 6, 2012

This hands-on workshop will provide technical assistance for creating a social-enterprise business plan.

The cost for each is $10. Agencies are encouraged to send multiple staff members. To register, contact Mary Jonasen at maryjonasen@hopewrks.org or 425-347-6556, ext. 242.

Posted on April 16, 2012 at 12:08 pm
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